NPR Music shares title track off forthcoming Pardoner album

NPR Music calls "Uncontrollable Salvation" a "blessing that bludgeons...a muscle spasm of Polvo's weirdo heft and Dinosaur Jr.'s slacker fuzz, set to a disaffected punk squall." Talk about WOW. Listen to the track HERE then hurry over and pre-order the record on Red or Black vinyl, CD and digitally.

Never Young / Chastity Belt tour this August

Our Bay Area buddies, Never Young, are hitting the road this August with Seattle's Chastity Belt for a 9 show tour up and down the west coast! Nab your tickets here >>> before they're sold out.

"Blue Hell", Pardoner's first single off their debut record, is available to stream now

Pardoner brings their twist on 90s alt-rock and punk to the table with their debut record, "Uncontrollable Salvation", our upcoming release with the San Francisco 4-piece. "Blue Hell" takes the listener on a wild ride through unrelenting guitar riffs, heavy distortion, and timely drum fills. The rest of the record is a cohesive piece with songs that reflect influence from artists like Dinosaur Jr. and Polvo. Nab a limited edition vinyl variant of the record from our store while they're still available! "Uncontrollable Salvation" releases Sept. 8 of this year.

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